Ecodesign Directive

The compliance with the Energy- related Products directive (ErPD) for the non-residential sector seems to have caught out some manufacturers with existing projects designed prior to its implementation in January 2016, being non-compliant.

Under the directive all ventilation units must be equipped with variable speed fan drives. The main area for concern is the efficiency of the heat recovery device which is to be at least 67% (increasing to 73% in 2018) and 63% for a run around coil. If this has to be accommodated on existing projects, it may require a larger plate heat exchanger or increasing the AHU dimensions to maintain the specific fan power within the Part L2A Building regulations.

Another major concern is the restriction on units with recirculation systems such as retail applications or roof top units. If the units have an outdoor fresh air connection ≥10%, a heat recovery device for the full supply volume and minimum efficiency is required.

Airsource have been proactive in advising clients prior to the date of the implications, thus avoiding problems with site limitations and increased costs.

TempAir Heat pump exemption

Units incorporating a recovery system and a heat pump for recovery, where the main function of the unit is heating or cooling, are exempt from the new ErPD regulations. The Tempair unit as standard is equipped with the latest variable speed EC fans and 75 % efficient recovery, therefore already 2018 compliant. The exemption acknowledges the efficiency benefits of the packaged heat pump for the future. Being exempt will give the Tempair a dimensional advantage over standard Air Handling with plate heat exchangers.
Business as usual for Airsource


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