AirSource plan for the future

With the imminent industry changes, Air source have been busy developing equipment for the future, moving away high GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants such as R410a to low GWP alternatives. Reducing the GWP will involve working with refrigerants that are flammable.

The current heat pumps (Tempair range) that we manufacture have refrigerant based coils within the airstream, one in the supply air for heating and cooling and one in the exhaust air for renewable energy transfer. This at present is based on a direct expansion system.

When investigating the various possibilities consideration was given to efficiency, lowest GWP, lowest charge and variable capacity control.

The decision was taken develop a range of heat pump chillers with an ultra low GWP refrigerant. The initial range will comprise of water cooled units, combining a reversible heat pump water system with a low GWP refrigerant, high efficiency and variable speed water pumps and compressors. The chillers will provide heating and cooling to Air Handling Unit, water based heating and cooling coils.
Development is continuing and the first chiller is now being tested.