About Us

You probably don’t think a great deal about the air around you. But we do. We know the difference great ventilation can make to the performance of a building and the people that occupy it.

Increasing numbers of healthcare, retail, education and hospitality organisations are discovering the value of our air handling units.

Engineering perfection is what we always aim to achieve, whether we’re working with you on a bespoke system, or specifying our pre-designed TempAir or ClassAir ranges. We achieve that by specialising in what we do and by investing in the people and R&D that will keep our business growing.

Now in 2016, our heating, cooling and heat recovery systems mean that we are able to deliver far more than ventilation alone. Our values and ambition remain: to create more productive, more cost-efficient, more environmentally friendly working environments for you.


Trade bodies

AirSource are members of HEVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association), regulated by FETA (Federation of Environmental Trade Association).

As active members we have the opportunity to get involved with our peers to discuss current issues and legislation effecting our industry such as the Energy-related Products Directive (ErPD) and the transition to low GWP flammable refrigerants. With the majority of our production containing Heat Pumps we attend both the Air Handling unit group and the Air Conditioning group meetings.