CF Range

CF Range :

CF Range – for classrooms that aid learning

We all know how hot and stuffy classrooms can become. When they do, the yawning begins and the students attention levels start to dip. AirSource can help.

The problem isn’t just the heat, it’s the ventilation levels. New schools are highly insulated leading to overheating and high levels of  CO2 resulting in lower concentration levels and less successful lessons.

ClassAir is the fresh air ventilation system designed for schools. It carefully controls the air supply and classroom temperature, boosting ventilation rates and warming or cooling the air depending on occupancy demand.

Each classroom is individually monitored, with the system quickly and automatically adapting to room conditions. It will switch off when a room is unoccupied, and can be set to begin operating just prior to occupancy. And because the system uses heat recovery and the ‘free cooling’ from outside ambient air, it’s brilliantly efficient and cheap to run.


Location :
Ceiling void or exposed in the ceiling space
Cooling :
Free cooling, utilizing outside ambient air, optioinal cooling coil
Fan control:
Fan speed controlled with space temperature or occupancy COlevel
Supplied with :
BACnet compatible BMS controls, Startup recirculation dampers, Fresh air dampers, Counterflow heat exchanger, Noise attenuation, Failsafe spring-closed dampers
Optional items :
  • LPHW coil with valve and controls
  • Heat pump coil with interface
  • Electric heater with thyristor controls
  • Touch screen controller
Energy Efficiency :
  • The unit is designed to meet the requirements of BB101 and BB93
  • Power consumption of <200W at 0.256m³/s.
  • The power consumption at low air volume when design space parameters are satisfied is 40W


CF Range Downloads

The range of CF units by AirSource are energy efficient packaged heat recovery air handling units, offering versatility whether considering the application or installation.