Football Stadium

4 x Tempair Heat Pumps

Total air volume: 32m3/s
Serving: Corporate lounges
Control: CO2, Area Occupation dampers, supply air temp control, 6 volume settings, multiple compressors.

Each system was required to provide tempered fresh air to three corporate areas. The areas had their own fabric heating and cooling systems. Each area had supply and extract shut off dampers to isolate the area when unoccupied. The damper end switches sent a signal to the Tempair to allow the air volume to be correctly matched. There were also individual room CO2 sensors to increase the volume when above 1000ppm. The areas could all be utilised on match day or individually for functions. There were 6 settings for volume per supply and extract fan on each unit. Air volume commissioning involved operation and measurement in all combinations and recording the supply and extract fan inverter frequency. The twelve fan frequency settings were then matched to an output voltage from the Tempair controller.