Hough End Leisure Centre

1 x Tempair Heat Pump 1 x Pool specification unit, 1 x AHU

Total air volume: 14.3m3/s
Serving: Dance studio, changing and pool
Control: supply air temperature control, constant speed, supply temperature air scheduling from return air temperature, winter/summer changeover switch to reduce the supply temperature to 17°C for increased cooling and free cooling.

This was one of three leisure centres completed  as a part of a design and build partnership. Other sites completed with units provided by Airsource were Beswick and Levenshulme leisure centres. Three packaged units were provided to Hough End, one serving the pool maintaining the temperature and humidity requirements, another serving the gym /dance studio and another serving changing room areas. As a part of the contractors requirement to achieve a high percentage of offsite manufacture, all units were built with factory tested packaged controls and programmed to control the respective environment. The gym/dance studio was a Tempair packaged heat pump with the integral compressors. The unit was designed to give constant volume and constant temperature fresh air.