Werneth Primary Health Centre

2 x Tempair Heat Pumps

Total air volume: 4m3/s
Serving: All areas
Control: Supply air temperature, constant speed. Start up in recirculation mode. with wheel pre heat to achieve 18°C.This allows for the recovery wheel to reach temperature and the return temperature to be above  prior to full fresh air and heat pump operation

As a part of the NHS Lift scheme a new health centre was constructed in Werneth. Two Tempair packaged heat pump units were supplied and installed. The building was constructed for a PFI (Private initiative funding) developer. The aim was to provide energy efficient products to reduce the annual running cost to be paid by the developer over 25 year period and reduce CO2 emissions. As the health centre was situated in centre of a residential area with low boundary noise levels, having the compressors integral to the unit solved any noise issues of having external condensing units. The two systems were installed to temper the incoming fresh air in winter to room temperature. As the building was not air conditioned the heat pump can reverse to provide tempered air cooling in summer months to give the space a degree of cooling. On successful completion, a further six health centre’s  utilising Tempair unit were completed in a two year period. Three of the sites in Sheffield, two in Cornwall and a further one in Oldham.

The areas served had independent heating. The Tempair units are energised by an external time clock. The initial start up is in recirculation mode.


Manchester Institute for Health and Performance (MIHP)

3 x Tempair Heat Pump Units, 4 x AHU

Total air volume: 18m3/s
Serving: Offices, consultation, performance halls, Laboratories and hydrotherapy
Unit specification: HTM03
Control: Leaving air and room air. Constant speed control with  filter pressure transducers.

In association with Manchester city council and Manchester city FC as part of the Sports City Complex , MIHP was constructed in 2015. The building is the first of its kind offering outstanding resources for all elite sportsmen and women. The area’s are served by Airsource units include sport track, gyms, treatment rooms, hydrotherapy pool’s, laboratories, changing areas and hypoxic suite. All units were provided with packaged controls and four units were provided with the inbuilt heat pump system, Tempair. This reduced on site works and aided the fast completion program. Installing Tempair units with internal compressors also solved the problem of having to find space on an already congested roof plant area, for 200KW of condensing units. Three of the units serving the clinical area’s were built to HTM03 hospital specification.