At AirSource we work closely with the client’s consultant to aid the design and help come up with a solution. The building had a change of usage from a previously being a tobacco manufactures to an exhibition centre.

The existing ventilation units did not have the capacity to heat and cool the space to the new required temperatures expected for an exhibition centre. One of the main issue’s was the size of the existing gas mains to the building which was only sized to give back ground heating and could not meet the required duty of the fresh air and space load. Due to the location of the conference centre (opposite and adjacent to Trafford centre) upgrading the existing gas mains was not an option. The problem was over come by introducing a Tempair packaged heat pump unit with a secondary gas burner section. The fresh air and space load was split across the high efficiency heat recovery and electrically driven high efficiency heat pump and gas burner.

The gas burner was sized against the fabric heat losses which did not increase the existing gas load on the building.

The packaged unit had integral heat pump compressors to provided space heating and cooling and fans operating on CO2 control (fresh air control to space).

The packaged unit was constructed and wired and tested off site which helped aid the contractors 16 week delivery program.

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