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We supply and install a large selection of heating and cooling systems designed for all environments. It’s easy to underestimate the effect clean fresh air can have, we work with you to tailor solutions to your needs.

The TempAir Range

TempAir is a packaged air source heat pump supplying tempered fresh air, utilising exhaust air as a renewable source of energy. Suitable for most applications with high occupancy such as schools, lecture theatres, hotels, offices and hospitals.

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The CF Range

The CF Range has been designed specifically for providing demand control ventilation to small spaces such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and offices.

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The ThermAir Range

ThermAir is a packaged energy recovery unit containing an air-to-air rotary heat exchanger.

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The CustomAir Range

Our CustomAir Range is built to client specification to suit any application. Offering choices of casing, fan type, recovery equipment, heating and cooling media. Available with packaged controls and remote condensing units.

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