It’s easy to underestimate the effect fresh air can have on your building occupants, yet when fresh air circulates, it creates a healthier and more comfortable internal environment .
At AirSource, that’s just one of the benefits of the air handling systems we supply. Using innovative technology, we’re manufacturing and designing cost effective heating and cooling systems with high efficiency recovery and renewable energy heat pumps.
We create cleaner, greener, more productive places to be.

Our Products


The renewable energy heating, cooling and ventilation system that improves occupancy air quality and creates better working environments. Ideal for offices, retail stores, hospitals, schools and more.

  • Integrated recovery exchanger and Heat Pump
  • Complete unit tested at factory
  • High efficiency
  • VAV and CAV compatible
  • No external pipework

The fresh air ventilation system with heat recovery, designed for better performing school classrooms. ClassAir carefully controls the air supply and its temperature, increasing ventilation rates to suit occupancy demand.

  • Air- flow 0.1-0.4m³/s
  • Recirculation start up
  • Integrated heating and cooling option
  • Low noise
  • Night pre-cool
  • CO2 control

A range of Air Handling Units built to clients specifications. Offering a wide range of component selections for heat recovery, fans, filters, heating and cooling.

  • Integral controls option
  • Gas heating available
  • Remote heat pumps
  • Hospital specification
  • Supplied in sections or complete unit

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