Hydro-to-Water-to-Air Heat Pump Chillers

AirSource are developing a range of heat pump chillers for connection to AHU manufacturers’ coils.
The self-contained package complete with water pumps and controls enables you to supply fresh air
heating and cooling with a heat pump chiller operating with an ultra-low GWP refrigerant.

For AHU manufacturers

The chillers enable air handling unit (AHU) manufacturers with clients committed to reducing the environmental impact of refrigerants to offer a fresh air supply system operating with an ultra-low GWP.

  • Ultra-low GWP = 3
  • Future proof
  • Ultra-low GWP = 3
  • Future proof
  • Simple water connections to AHU coils
  • Free standing heat pump
  • Internal or external installation
  • 40% glycol
  • Low (12%) turndown for VAV and supply air control
  • Ventilated compressor enclosure
  • High SCOP and SEER
  • Water pumps included

Reducing GWP

F gas regulations were introduced as part of a world commitment to reduce the impact of high GWP refrigerant gases on global warming. As a result, manufacturers are being driven to introduce equipment with lower GWP refrigerant and higher efficiency.
To date, Airsource has used R410a with 2100 GWP in our fresh air heat pump system. Given that even moderate-rated refrigerants with a value around 600 GWP are not future proof, we’ve been exploring various options for lowering the GWP in a way that futureproofs manufacturers in a market aiming for ultra-low emissions of below 10.

That’s why we chose to work with R290, a natural hydrocarbon refrigerant with a GWP of 3.
R290 is highly flammable, but the Hydro-to-Water-to-Air heat pump chiller removes any flammable refrigerants from the airstream and contains it within a ventilated enclosure with ATEX rated components. So you can maximise the efficiency and safety of every AHU installation.

Simple operation

The chillers are connected to the indoor coil in the supply air (SUP) and the outdoor coil in the exhaust air (EHA) of the AHU by water pipework, providing heating or cooling via a reversible water source heat pump that requires only basic control command signals.

Variable control of the capacity down to 12% provides accurate control, essential for systems with variable air volumes and constant supply air temperatures.

Added Efficiency

Unlike conventional chillers and heat pumps, the control is not based on the water or ambient air temperatures, but on the optimisation of the refrigerant system pressures and AHU exhaust air temperatures. The result is higher energy efficiency for heating and cooling applications.

If you have a possible application for the ultra-low GWP Heat Pump Chiller

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AirSource plan for the future

With the imminent industry changes, Air source have been busy developing equipment for the future, moving away high GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants such as R410a to low GWP alternatives. Reducing the GWP will involve working with refrigerants that are flammable.

The current heat pumps (Tempair range) that we manufacture have refrigerant based coils within the airstream, one in the supply air for heating and cooling and one in the exhaust air for renewable energy transfer. This at present is based on a direct expansion system.

When investigating the various possibilities consideration was given to efficiency, lowest GWP, lowest charge and variable capacity control.

The decision was taken develop a range of heat pump chillers with an ultra low GWP refrigerant. The initial range will comprise of water cooled units, combining a reversible heat pump water system with a low GWP refrigerant, high efficiency and variable speed water pumps and compressors. The chillers will provide heating and cooling to Air Handling Unit, water based heating and cooling coils.
Development is continuing and the first chiller is now being tested.