Why Choose the AirSource CF Range?

The range of CF units by AirSource are energy efficient packaged heat recovery air handling units, offering versatility whether considering the application or installation.

With seven models in the range capable of delivering airflow up to 1.2m³/s and acoustically tested to be suitable for noise sensitive environments, with a sophisticated control system designed for simplicity and ease of use. Built to the highest standards using the best components available the CF range is the ideal solution for your ventilation requirements.

A Model for Every Application:

Available as heat recovery only or with additional supplementary heating (from either LPHW battery or electric heating), each with controls capable of providing tempered air or providing full room heating. Additionally we offer the option of CO₂ control to deliver the correct quantity of air for the occupants. When deciding the best location for the equipment, the compact design will be a benefit along with options for suspension in a ceiling void, floor mounted internally or weatherproofed for mounting externally. To offer further versatility some air connections can be moved through 90 degrees to the side of the unit saving space in tight locations.

CF Range Benefits & Features
  • Location: Ceiling void, or exposed in the ceiling space; plantroom and roof mounted models also available
  • Up to 88% heat recovery (dry efficiency)
  • Easily operated controls with touch screen display
  • Fan speed controlled with space temperature or occupancy CO₂ level
  • Heat recovery bypass included for free cooling from ambient air
  • Spring return shut off, and start up recirculation dampers
  • Interchangeable doors
  • BACnet over IP compatible BMS controls
Optional Items
  • Acoustic casework
  • Chilled water or LPHW coil with controls
  • Heat pump coil with interface
  • Electric heater with thyristor controls
  • Weatherproof kit
  • Duct mounted attenuators
  • Room mounted CO₂ and temperature sensor
  • PIR occupancy detector
  • Offices
  • Changing rooms/toilet areas
  • Meeting/conference rooms
  • Classrooms

Classroom Application

For a better learning environment.

Our model CF3 has been specifically designed for the requirements of a standard size classroom to meet all current legislation. Rigorous noise testing has been carried out to meet the requirements of BB93.

We all know how hot and stuffy classrooms can become. When they do, the yawning begins and the students attention levels start to dip. AirSource can help.

The problem isn’t just the heat, it’s the ventilation levels. New schools are highly insulated leading to overheating and high levels of CO2 resulting in lower concentration levels and less successful lessons.

CF is the fresh air ventilation system designed for schools. It carefully controls the air supply and classroom temperature, boosting ventilation rates and warming or cooling the air depending on occupancy demand.

Each classroom is individually monitored, with the system quickly and automatically adapting to room conditions. It will switch off when a room is unoccupied, and can be set to begin operating just prior to occupancy. And because the system uses heat recovery and the ‘free cooling’ from outside ambient air, it’s brilliantly efficient and cheap to run.

Energy Efficiency
  • The unit is designed to meet the requirements of BB101 and BB93
  • Power consumption of <200W at 0.256m³/s.
  • The power consumption at low air volume when design space parameters are satisfied is 40W
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