TempAir Range

Efficient, low cost heating, cooling and ventilation.

AirSource TempAir is the renewable energy heating, cooling and ventilation system that improves air quality and creates a better indoor environment. In colder outside temperatures it recovers 75% of the heat from the exhaust air to warm the fresh air supply and then additional heat is provided from the heat pump. In warmer outside conditions a combination of free cooling, recovery and heat pump cooling creates a naturally cooler environment.

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TempAir benefits:
  • Renewable energy Heat Pump provides the Heating and Cooling
  • High efficiency, low running costs
  • Reduced site labour, only power required
  • Free cooling
  • Integrated controls, factory commissioned.
TempAir is ideal for:

Offices, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Health Facilities, Sport Centres …and more

TempAir Heating and Cooling Concept

The TempAir is an occupancy fresh air system providing heating and cooling, combining an integrated reverse cycle heat pump and an energy recovery wheel. The exhaust air from the room provides the renewable source of energy for the heat pump.

The process of energy transfer, from the exhaust to the supply air starts with recovery wheel. This permeable storage mass rotates slowly through both the supply and exhaust airstreams.

Next, the independent airstreams pass through the air coils of the heat pump to absorb energy from one coil and transferred via a compressor to the other. The heat pump system is reverse cycle, providing both heating and cooling capabilities.

The Details

Simple Control: Control from the supply or return air temperature. Volume control is based on occupancy or pressure regulation.

Free Cooling: Free cooling is provided utilizing outside air at lower ambient.

Energy Efficient Heating: Energy recovery provides a thermal heating output of 15KW for every 1KW of input power.

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